Here you will find a collection of the blogs I’ve written about anything and everything.

App reviews

I’ve decided to once again see if writing (short) reviews on apps I use frequently and that excite me is something I can get back into. I’ve done this in the past but it was never really a success.

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Starship sleeper

This blog is written for no other reason than because I can. I’ve been using Starship for a while and I’ve configured it to be a (almost) 1:1 clone of the stock BASH shell PS1 variable which a lot of Linux distros use by default.

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Framework laptop

Yesterday I have purchases a AMD Framework 13" laptop. It will get shipped in the fourth quarter of the year. With these (short) blogs I’ll keep you guys updated.

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Nvidia Wayland working on my Fedora install

Fedora 38 Workstation with a nvidia geforce 3080 and Wayland
MY Fedora install with a 3080 and Wayland

It’s been possible to use Wayland (Wikipedia) with a nvidia graphics card in Fedora for quite some time now. For some reason unknown to me this has not been possible on my own main machine for a few months.

Content translation

If you’re reading this you’re probably a (native) English speaker. In that case: welcome! With the redesign / rewrite of my website I’ve decided to also include / translate certain (key) pieces of content.